Welcome to My Rose Valley

I am delighted to have you here. Come in - come in!

I am Annette Ciccarelli, a Swedish creative and graphic designer living a simple homespun life in the Swiss country side. I have three kids and I am married to my soul mate Jay from the U.S. The world has been our home for a long time but since 2007 we are settled here in Switzerland.

As long as I am able to create I feel alive. I love to make quilts, crochet and sew and I never get bored of mixing fabric, colors and patterns, improvising and coming up with my own design ideas. 

I juggle my time between caring for my children and my home and my blog My Rose Valley that offers free patterns and tutorials, local Crochet Workshops, a Yarn Shop and an Etsy Shop with my own designed crochet patterns and handmade creations.Currently I am working on a blog make over and designing a e-online shop to make it easier to shop for the gorgeous Scandinavian Quality Yarns that I offer to my crafty readers.

The dream is to become a full time crafter and crochet designer one day. Write crafty articles, make books and run craft classes in my own interior design shop, which would be filled with not only yummy crafty supplies, but also unique handmade creations and Scandinavian design. Keep dreaming and dreams will come true...

So why My Rose Valley?
Well, it is actually an almost direct translation of my maiden name:
Rosendahl [rosen - rose/dahl - valley].
My Rose Valley
is also the name of my favorite place to be; Rosendalen - the Swedish cottage in the archipelago of Stockholm -  a place I often return to, to see my family and to reconnect with my native roots. And naturally so, My Rose Valley is now my happy place even in cyber world.

My aim with this blog is to share, inspire and learn with you. I write about my crafty journey and my simple life in the country with pit falls and highs. My Rose Valley helps me to see the good in everyday life and I love to connect with all corners of the world here.

I hope you will feel comfortable here and come and visit often. Think of this place as a cute Swedish red cottage. (Another dream of mine... I think I will paint our shed red to make that dream come true...). Keep your shoes on. Or walk around bare feet. :D Sit down. Drop a line for a chat to let me know you have been here, those messages of yours are really the greatest feed back of all. ♥♥♥

Annette Ciccarelli

Please do respect that the contents of this blog is all mine. Nothing can be lifted, copied or used without my permission. © Annette Ciccarelli 2009-2015

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