Sunday, May 21, 2017

A day trip to France

I made a day trip across Lac Léman to France and the picturesque small town Yvoire. Not often do I go on a day trip on my own, but this time I had a special treat waiting for me, Heike from Made With Loops hosted her yearly Knitting Retreat in the French Alps this year, and of course we just had to meet up for a coffee and a chat! We always do.

I arrived quite early and had the pleasure to watch Yvoire slowly wake up on this sunny morning. Delivery trucks arrived, and goods were delivered to small business owners and restaurants. Shop doors opened up and cafés started to fill up as I strolled the narrow pebble roads. A man with his two rugged dogs walked the path along the wall framing the medieval old town, just to be spotted again some time later chatting with one of the small grocery owners in town. A cheerful shop owner made it irresistible for me to not pop in to her cute store and then come out with some new light cotton purchases to add to my summer wardrobe.

The atmosphere on this side of Lac Léman is so different from the other. Switzerland is out of question a beautiful country, but sometimes almost to perfect. It is clean, proper, organized, safe and looks flawless with its fabulous poppies and lovely views of the French Alps... But here on the other side of the lake I instantly feel less tied up and so much more relaxed. It must be the French culture... And I welcome it with my arms open wide! This is what I need.

I walked along the beach on narrow paths and allowed myself to sit down on a rock and just soak it all in. The sweet air, the sound of the waves and the beautiful views all around me.

Later I met with Heike and her Knitting Retreat team including her lovely organizing partner Claudia from Wollsinn. I had such a lovely time that I forgot to take photos (thank you Heike for sending me the photo!). The hours passed by in a swisch and suddenly it was time to go back home.

Full of inspiration, new friendships and a happy filled heart, I returned back home on the ferry, to the Swiss side of the lake. My home. Maybe less laid back and bohemian but still a very beautiful place to live.

NOTE: For more information about WoolyLoops Knitting Retreats organised by Heike (Made With Loops) and Claudia (Wollsinn) visit follwing links:

Knitting Retreat 2017 Journal by Heike
Knitting Retreat 2017 Journal by Claudia
Wooly Loops Knitting Retreat Information


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Sunday, May 7, 2017

All together

She is back, my little Emmy Bo. Jay is back, my dear husband. I'm complete. For a while. We made her favorite dish for dinner, stuffed vegetables. We played Yatzy and she won with the highest score ever and I had the lowest score ever. I guess it was meant to be. I picked the last few tulips (my gorgeous tulips!!! I LOVE THEM!) and brought them inside. Weeded a little bit when the sun came out, if so only for a while.

The rain is back and today looks like yet another grey, grey, grey and wet, wet, wet day over here in Switzerland. There is no laundry on the clothes line. No jumping kids on the trampoline. I keep on cuddling up under crochet blankets reading, watching TV and crocheting... With breaks of doing house chores and playing game after game after game with Emmy Bo.

Today we will have visitors. Good friends are coming over for Swedish Pancakes and BLT's. If we are lucky the rain might stop for a bit and we can go for a walk in the mountains. At least that was the initial idea. If not, we'll play cards and Monopoly and just hang out inside. Either way we will have a great time as they are such great people. I better get started... drink my already cold tea, get dressed, tidy up my crazy morning head and start that pancake batter...

Thank you so much for your sweet and comforting thought on my previous post. It is so good to know I'm not alone in this phase of motherhood transition. Things are changing for sure, but not over night. I still have many many years left to enjoy and be annoyed (twink...) by these kids around me. Thank my lucky star for that. What would be without them?

- Crochet blanket is my Scrappy Happy V-stith Blanket pattern available in my Etsy and Ravelry.
- Swedish Pancake recipe can be found here.
- The tulips are called Peony flowering tulips or Double layered tulips but I'm afraid I don't know the name of mine.


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Friday, May 5, 2017

I miss her so...

Hi my lovelies. I waved off Emmy Bo to school camp on Monday morning, after a night of sleeping spoon as she had anxieties of going away... But she was fine once we arrived to the meeting point that morning. She stepped on the bus and waved goodbye through the dark bus windows with a great, excited smile on her face. Me on the other hand, returned home feeling all empty.

That same morning Jay kissed me goodbye just before 6 am, taking off to London to work for a few days. I was now solo with just two, rather big and independent kids, and it felt... weird. There are times when I long for time on my own, time to be undisturbed and able to do whatever I want to do. But then when Emmy Bo left and even Jay disappears out of the picture for a while, I suddenly found myself totally lost. It was like my framework fell apart, my daily routines and schedule went out the window and my auto-Mum-and-wife-pilot lost her GPS signal... No network. I couldn't navigate anymore.

I had so many plans for these days of "almost" being alone at home. I thought I could organize and sort all the folders and archives in the office, continue to move things over from the old computer to the new computer. Tune up my CV again and get into job search mode. Be home productive and get on top of things that has fallen behind... But the long list of things I wanted to do and accomplish remained untouched. Instead I ended up taking long walks in the rain, in the woods, listening to podcasts and thinking about... me. My goals, my purpose, my wishes, my needs, my family, my daily life, my professional self, my future... And maybe I needed that. Maybe I needed to just stop the engine of constant "doing" and just reflect for a bit.

Slowly I have arrived to a point in life where change is banging on the door. I'm growing older. My kids are growing older. My blog is growing older. My needs are changing. My kids needs are changing. The need of blogging is changing. My auto pilot button as a Mum is being released and it is time to take over the wheel and set my own destination. Figure out how to get there... And I will get there. It will just take some hard work. Practice. Time. Adjustment. Tears. and some bravery facing some fears... Change is never easy but it makes you grow and as much as I am afraid of what my "new" purpose in life will be, I am excited to start a new journey.

This week I have read The Secret Of Happy Ever After by Lucy Dillon, I have had an endless amount of tea and crocheted a whole bunch of granny squares. Just because they always ALWAYS make me happy. I have cooked and done chores, gone grocery shopping and paid bills. And snuggled up under a blanket watching  "13 Reasons Why"  in just 5 days, feeling enlightened by this rather strong and controversial series (I highly recommend it but don't forget to also watch Beyond 13 Reasons Why where cast, producers and psychologists get together to explain the idea behind the show and what message they want to give with it...) I didn't get things done as I wanted, but I got other things done. And its been good.

She is coming home this afternoon, my little Emmy Bo. I can't wait. I think I've missed her more than she has missed me. She is normally my doudou when Jay is gone, filling up his side of the bed and wrapping her feet around my legs. But this week his side has been all empty and I have held Crystal (Emmy Bo's super soft racoon doudou which is her emergency extra if PingPing the big eyes pinguin is in the wash kind of...) tight when going to bed. I should add that Emmy Bo left Crystal with me, with the words to hold her tight so we magically, through doudou snuggles, could be together in our dreams. Because that is how it works in Emmy Bo's life. So I did. And it worked, even for me. :)


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